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I am so glad you found your way here. I am Ismene, a therapist and transformational coach.

I help entrepreneurs, creatives and visionaries believe in themselves, achieve their goals joyfully and create the foundations for a successful life and career.

For me, this is far more than a career, it is my passion; inspired my own life experience.

I regularly invest in my development, both professionally and personally to ensure that I can offer a high quality services to inspire, empower and encourage you.


I’m passionate about

△ The ripple effect that our courageous living and working has on the world

Transforming self-doubt into self-belief, and pressure to pleasure

  • Empowering you be happy right now without having to wait

    △ Helping you identify old stories and patterns that are no longer serving you

    Cultivating the confidence in your unique value and voice, and recognising your contribution in the world.

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Whilst we can achieve our goals, hit our targets, slash our outcomes, and be materially wealthy, if our “success” is costing us our health, relationships, confidence, inner peace, and all of our time, we won’t feel satisfied or happy. It may never feel enough. So we keep striving and eventually it becomes exhausting, and at times hopeless.

The passion and enthusiasm we did feel may have evaporated and it may be difficult to stay focused, motivated or inspired.

“I’ve worked so hard, I have everything that I wanted, why I am I still unhappy?”

After reaching burn-out myself a couple of years ago and supporting many clients over the years to answer that question, my ideas of success have been completely transformed.

I realised there is another way of progressing and achieving our hopes and dreams:

- Deciding to have a me-first, self-care policy
- Discovering what is important to you
- Moving from overwhelmed to over-joyed
- The freedom to design how you want to live and work
- Creating your own version of success
- Developing a happiness and wellness mindset that supports all that you do
- Transforming struggle into growth by re-writing your story and beliefs

And I am here to help you do just that.

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