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I am so glad you found your way here. I am Ismene, a therapist and transformational coach.

I help entrepreneurs, creatives and visionaries believe in themselves, achieve their goals joyfully and create the foundations for a successful life and career.

For me, this is far more than a career, it is my passion; inspired my own life experience.

I regularly invest in my development, both professionally and personally to ensure that I can offer a high quality services to inspire, empower and encourage you.


I’m passionate about

△ Connecting you to your authentic voice and cultivating the confidence to show up

and share it in the world.

△ Understanding your unique worth and why we need it.

  • △ Empowering you to believe in yourself and develop the foundations that support you in being happy, healthy, successful and abundant.

    △ Supporting you to take back the power; giving you the awareness and tools to understand why you are getting stuck and how to make different decisions moving forward.

    △ Helping you understand how your current beliefs are shaping your reality.

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Your unique self

Living out your fullest expression, take bravery and courage.

Sharing our unique gifts, passions and creations is vulnerable, because it means fully showing up and allowing ourselves to be seen and known. And that process can bring up a lot of fears.

We worry what people think. We feel overwhelmed at all that we need to do. Deep down we wonder if we are enough or whether we’ve got what it takes to succeed. We might not know where to start, how to make it happen or feel frightened to take the leap. We feel different or alone. We wonder if we are worthy of what we desire.

You are not alone.

These are normal fears that arise when we go through the process of transformation, and are ready to change, heal and up-level our lives. These are fears I have worked through both through my own development and of the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with, that also, want to live out their fullest potential, and show up for what they were meant for in this life.

I believe we all have a calling, and that when we follow what lights us up, our lives begin to expand, as we do. To follow what we are called to do- by our heart, intuition, what we know to be truth, takes courage. It means being prepared to leave behind what no longer fits or what is keeping us small, stuck and unhappy. It also means getting really honest about what we want, desire, long for and choosing to live intentionally- on purpose.

Ready to go on a journey of self-discovery?

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