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Welcome lovelies

I am so glad you found your way here!

I am Ismene, an integrative therapist, transformational coach and meditation teacher.

Life isn't always easy, people aren't always what we hoped they would be, sometimes we don't end up being the person we'd like, or achieve what we set out to. However, with the right support, all this can change.

My expertise is in working with feelings of not being good enough and self doubt. My clients experience powerful life changes; when your internal world transforms the results are new opportunities that you feel more than ready for.

I specialise in coaching male clients who feel like something is missing in their path to their potential and female clients who are done with playing small.

I will take you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation and help you live a deeply fulfilling life, where you tap into your unlimited, unleashed potential.


I will help you

△ Create visions and soul-full goals that excite and motivate you

△ Uncover your unique worth and why we need your contributions in the world

  • △ Empower you to create a successful mindset that supports you to be happy, healthy, and abundant

    △ Write new belief systems and stories so you can achieve your goals joyfully

  • △ Discover tools, routines and techniques to build momentum and create lasting change

  • ☽ I believe that everything that you want starts with the relationship you have with yourself and when you dare to believe in yourself, you are able to create magic- both within yourself and the world.

    ☽ I want to empower you to gain clarity about what you really want- what you long for, desire, ache for the most- and cultivate the courage and bravery to follow what lights you up.

    ☽ I want to gift you the self-awareness that will enable you to understand what is blocking you and how to loosen it’s grip so you can be free and move forward.

    Most of all I want to share with you the joy of creating a life of health and vitality, authentic relationships, abundance, growth and expansion and purpose.

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Are you ready for change?

What if you could live and work with intention- on purpose?

What if you believed that you were enough and you are worth it?

What if you took the leap and showed up fully for yourself and your life and decided to gift the world by being your biggest, brightest self?

What if you decided to stop postponing your dreams and desires and begin?

What if you could transform self-doubt into self-belief and use your fear to fuel a radical shift in your life?

What if you believed that you didn’t have to wait to feel good, and that you can start now?

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