Practice the art of doing nothing and achieve more of what you want

Practice the art of doing nothing - And achieve more of what you want

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I have spent a huge part of my life trying to drown out my inner voice. I purposefully disconnected myself from my emotional guidance system and, as a result, spent months chasing false dreams, trying to fit into spaces that didn’t fit me, stuck, utterly frustrated and wondering how everyone else seemed to be so happy and get what they wanted.

I was so busy trying to stay busy that the only time I rested was when I crashed. Busyness can be a disease. It tells us that if we stay strong, try hard, work harder, somehow we will get somewhere called ‘happiness’ whilst it drains us of our time, money and energy.

Our resources are precious and limited, so we need to be mindful of whether we are using them to move towards or away from, our dreams. Being busy doing something you hate is neither productive nor helpful. In fact, most things that make us busy are not even important.

In my own personal development, I knew something had changed when I was able to “hear” my inner voice and had the bravery to act accordingly. Since, it has never let me down. I could only achieve this by creating space, silence and learning to listen.

There is no one is this world who wants you to be happy, loved and successful more than you do.

That voice is the authentic you. It always believes in you, wants to protect you and loves you unconditionally. It is there, whenever you need it.

The key is to find your way back to the authentic you. That person you used to be before you were told otherwise and started to doubt yourself.

5 Ideas to Create a Retreat in Your Own Life that are Easy, Quick and Cheap

  • Unplug yourself from media and distractions for an hour a day.

  • Plan for yourself every week. Buy yourself flowers, cook yourself your favourite meal, go somewhere new.

  • Get to know your inner world; try writing in a journal, meditating or doing a mind-body activity like yoga.

  • Experiment with your living space; is it conducive to rest and relaxation?

  • Walk in nature on your own. Open up the space to access your inner wisdom.

When we live from an authentic place, life is much easier and the path much clearer. We learn the right time for action and which actions to take, therefore avoiding distraction and using our resources to achieve more of what we want.

Everyone can find their authentic self. Start by making the space to listen. You don’t need to go away for a retreat. You can do this in your daily life.

By making the space, we build a relationship and, as a result, we learn what we like, who we are, and when to take the next step.

“True success is overcoming the fear of being successful.”

Paul Sweety

Love, Ismene xxx

Ismene Coleicole