Live fully

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” Oscar Wilde

Death is something that we cannot avoid or skip. Where there is life, there is death.

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Many people in my life have died, both close and far. Each time it makes a big impact on my life. There is always that point where it’s difficult to breathe and hard to imagine what might possibly fill that gap. And then, once the excruciating pain subsides, life rushes and reminds me to live…

Sometimes we need the enormity of something huge to give us real clarity. Pain can reduce life to the fragility and preciousness that it is.

Shortly after my mum died, I made a decision: when faced with two paths, I followed the sign to “LIVE”. My confidence increased and I decided to not only live, but to thrive for all the moments that I was lucky enough to breathe for.

That decision changed my future because when I have been scared or think I can’t do something, I do it anyway. This has enabled me to achieve things beyond my wildest dreams. I no longer let fear determine what I’m capable of. For me, there is nothing more scary than not making the most of your life. I’d prefer to fail one thousand times than die with dreams unmet, words unsaid, opportunities missed, love lost, or untold gratitude.

My invitation to you - dare yourself to love deeply and live fully, as if you weren't afraid.

Live. Love. Learn. Let Go. Be who you really are.

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

David Richo describes fear as something that we aren't yet able to get excited about. It is never too late or too soon to be brave enough to embrace life, to risk the unknown, to make the change you've been thinking about. We have so many opportunities in life to do something different.

May you embrace these and live the life that's waiting for you.

Go on and Live.

Love, Ismene xxx

Ismene Coleicole