Life changing morning routines

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I have found that my morning routine has been life-changing for me. I get asked frequently what I do, so I thought I would share my routine in a blog so that others can access it.

I can wake up feeling hyperactive, which would then mean starting my day checking emails and social media on my phone before I’ve even got out of bed. How I started the day had a negative knock-on effect to my day. So, I decided to experiment with it and see what happened.

When we wake up and just before we go to sleep are crucial times in terms of brain activity. We are in our most child-like state and therefore the most programmable, because our conscious mind has less resistance. This can of course work in both a positive or negative way..

So the morning is a key time to set up your attitude, state and mood for the day.

I’ve been doing this for a prolonged time now and these are the benefits that I’ve noticed.

  • More energy

  • I can change my mood dramatically- I usually finish feeling calm, clear-minded, positive and inspired

  • Increase in focus, productivity and motivation

  • I’ve built a better relationship with myself and can ‘hear’ clearly what is important to me

  • My overall health has improved and back pain has reduced

  • Big reduction in procrastination- by the time I sit down to work, I am ready.

  • I’ve met my goals with more ease

  • Reduction in anxiety or stress-provoking thoughts

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  • I start the day with an non caffeinated herbal tea or hot water and lemon. This allows me to wake up naturally and to start the day with stillness. (I’ve banned myself from using my phone first thing and I feel much better for it)

  • I meditate for about 10-20 mins. I either listen to a guided meditation for more information on my guided meditations Click Here or silent meditation.

  • Next is 20 minutes of stretching/yoga. I do my own practice that I´ve learned from my yoga class, but there are lots of dvd´s, or free classes on Youtube, if you wanted to do this at home.

    I like to keep things varied, so next I do a variation of the following:

  • I´ve written in journals since I was a child and love it. I find it gives me space to voice my thoughts and feelings, make future plans and connect with myself.

  • I’m passionate about personal development so use this time in the morning to get creative and inspired by reading books, articles, blogs, or by watching videos or online courses that make me feel great and motivated.

  • Every Monday, I write out affirmations for the coming week. This is great for creating and maintaining your intention during the week, as well as re-programming the negative committee that wants to berate us, or take us off track.

Like anything in life, this routine is not a one-size-fits-all. These are just some things to try, there are many more. The key is for you to start making the time for the things that set you up and support you in being in the best position you can to enjoy your life. If you work shift work, or it’s not possible for you to do a routine in the morning, this is also ok. Find another time in the day/night that works for you and listen to relaxation music on your way to work! Anything is going to have more benefits that nothing!

Love, Ismene xxx

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