Finding your tribe. How together is definitely stronger

Finding your tribe. How together is definitely stronger.


One of the best things I’ve learnt whilst creating my business, is how important it is to find your tribe. During those periods when we are changing our lives or use a different strategy to make our dreams a reality, there will inevitably be moments when we doubt ourselves or lose sight of what we are doing. The reality is, pursuing a personal dream can be lonely.

Not everyone is able to understand those who want to live out their dream life. It can trigger fear, doubt, insecurity or jealousy. It can seem ‘unsafe’ unrealistic and this can be projected onto you- even though it is their fears, not yours.

This can be tough, but don’t let it hinder you. Like Mother Theresa said, “When you are successful, you will gain fake friends and enemies. Succeed anyway.”

So how do you carry on pursuing your dreams while well-wishing people tell you to be ‘realistic’ or that you should just quit and do what everyone else does?

You build up a tribe.  A support network is an essential part in sustaining motivation and determination; and also it’s fun to hang out with interesting people who you vibe off!

A tribe is:

A community or group of people that share your vision, values and beliefs.

Like-minded people who believe in you and what you are trying to achieve.

A source of inspiration and encouragement to be the best version of yourself.

A community or group where you can access support and share your highs and lows.

Over the past three years, I’ve built up a fabulous tribe who keep me sane, inspired and motivated. Recently, I’ve been collecting stories from inspirational people, and even jetted off to France to extend and develop this tribe.

Having realised how important finding support can be, I’m now able to respond to this part of the jigsaw for people, offering services that help them come together and succeed in the process of finding like-minded individuals.

Finding Your Tribe

  1. Whose story inspires you?

  2. Which characteristics do they have which you admire?

  3. What are their values/beliefs?

  4. What motivates you about their story?

  5. Where would you find this person?

  6. Have you got a tribe? Who is it? If not, where could you find one?

Love, Ismene xxx

Ismene Coleicole