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My commitment to you


- My full belief in you, your dreams and what you want to create

- Encouragement when you are doubting yourself

- The clarity to know what to priortise, by discovering your values and what lights you up

- The self-awareness to understand why you are getting stuck and the tools to be able to move through your blocks

- The invitation and support to show up more fully as yourself, enabling you to shine more brightly in your life and business

- A bespoke, personalised service where you matter

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exlpore - dream- discover- create

To fully reach our potential and enjoy what we’ve created we need the foundations to be well, happy, healthy and vibrant. We must make self-esteem and feeling good our priority and then build a life - and career - based on our version of success. 

To help you do that, I have created bespoke experiences that are tailored to you, giving you a personalised service.

I want to invite you to set soul-full goals and be brave in creating visions that excite you and I ensure I invest the time, energy and care into each one of my clients.

I work from an integrated model: a magical blend of theories and approaches that I learnt and developed over a decade of working in helping professions and 6 years running my own private practice. I draw from both coaching and counselling models which I combine with other magical practices such as visualisation, affirmations, and meditation. These practices, alongside the personalised inspired actions, are powerful transformers.

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A 90 minute session to delve into something that is important to you, gain clarity, insight and how to move forward. You will come out feeling inspired, with a clearer idea of what is holding you back and happy actions to take the next step.

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Together we will discover what is important to you, create a motivating vision, uncover ways of bringing more joy into your life, and how to shift your mindset and belief systems to support you.

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Do you feel burnt-out, exhausted or disconnected from yourself a lot of the time?

Do you feel the call to do great things in the world but find yourself getting stuck in old patterns, or lacking in confidence to get your message out there?

Are you ready to make changes, but not sure how?

I will help you create strong foundations, cultivate a successful mindset, and learn to live and work intentionally, with purpose, in flow.


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