For me this is not just a career.

Helping you have a successful life and career in a way that is meaningful to you is my passion.


I love being able to share the life-changing tools, knowledge, lessons and insights that I’ve learnt from 16 years of my own development, over a decade of enriching people’s lives, and 6 years running my own Counselling Private Practice. Those experiences have helped me overcome grief, loss, crippling self-esteem, and addictions, have cultivated emotional resilience and humbled me at the power of the human spirit and just how capable we are.

This is my labor of love and I believe- my purpose in the world.


My Journey

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the beginnings

My passion for personal development started at 17, when I went to therapy, shortly after the death of my mother. Little did I know then, that would be the start of a very different life for me.

It was one of the hardest times in my life, but it also taught me the preciousness of time and the importance of living with courage and bravery. I learnt that we could transform even our hardest experiences into growth, and that by shifting our mindset, we can align who we are with what we want. By changing our inner landscape, our outer world can - and will- begin to change.

Therapy was so life-changing for me, that it inspired me to train as a therapist and coach and has been a fundamental catalyst in giving me the confidence to make huge transitions in my life. I will forever be grateful for those insights, support and transformations and it remains a powerful driving force in wanting to share those gifts with others.

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breaking point

In 2016, after years of working on my business, I was finally starting to gain momentum; I was being asked to talk and write for others, I was consistently fully booked in my practice, I was hitting my financial goals and doing some really interesting collaborations. Then I hit a new challenge, one afternoon, I literally fell off the treadmill. I could hardly walk home. I got diagnosed with adrenaline fatigue (burn-out).

It took me a full year to recover fully, and it was a huge lesson in how important it is to take care of ourselves, physically, emotionally, spiritually and to keep the balance between productivity and self-care. It redefined my version of success. I re-examined my values. I changed my priorities.

I developed a different way of living and working.

Heartfelt living; filling my own well up first. Self-esteem as a non-negotiable. Spending time on the things that I love with the people who are precious to me.

My work also naturally began to transition, I was seeing more and more “successful” clients, neglecting themselves, anxious all the time, not having any time for rest or play, relationships failing because they are so busy, stuck in their heads, not really knowing why they are doing it anymore.

I could relate to that.

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the next chapter

I am a heart-led practitioner so for me, it’s really important to follow my heart, and a path where I feel I can offer the highest good.

After a recent breakup, I began to re-evaluate and query my next chapter. In that process, I realised I needed to take the next step in my career.

I’d been feeling a call for a while, which started as a whisper - then became a shout, impossible to ignore. To work in an even more authentic, personalised, way where I could give my clients a truly bespoke, holistic experience, weaving all my skills together. It was important to me to create new pathways of connecting with people, and I am planning new and exciting ways to offer services online in the future.

It was a huge leap of faith, that has seen me closing my counselling business, building a she-den in the garden and getting chickens! But I know from experience that when you hear the call to up-level, you have to be brave enough to follow it; all great things come from renewal. My greatest successes, my biggest risings, have come from my courageous decisions and my deepest voids.