Why me?

  • For me this is not just a job. It is my passion. I invest regularly in my development both as a person and practitioner and incorporate this into my client work.

  • My knowledge isn’t just theoretic- I’ve lived it. Finding out that I could change my life and be more than what happened to me, saved my life.

  • Having had both therapy and coaching myself for a number of years, has given me insight into both the challenges and benefits and how this can impact clients.

  • I offer a boutique service, where I limit my client work to ensure that I have the time and resources to offer a tailored and personalised service to each one of my clients.

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My commitment to you


- My full belief in you, your dreams and what you want to create

- Encouragement when you are doubting yourself

- The clarity to know what to priortise, by discovering your values and what lights you up

- The self-awareness to understand why you are getting stuck and the tools to be able to move through your blocks

- The invitation and support to show up more fully as yourself, enabling you to shine more brightly in your life and business

- A bespoke, personalised service where you matter


My Approach

I am an integrative practitioner, meaning I draw from a variety of schools of thoughts and theories, disciplines and practices.I believe we are holistic beings and if we want to be truly fulfilled, we must work with all aspects of the person.

Everyone is different, so this approach enables me to use the tools. techniques and knowledge that is the most effective for them at the different stages of their journey.

Training and qualifying as a integrative counsellor has given me a solid understanding of the reasons why we get stuck and how early experiences inform our belief systems and impact on our lives. I draw from Transactional Analylis, Humanistic, and psychodynamic models.

Further training in Coaching tools and techniques, enabled me to combine helping clients work at depth and understanding their why with how to move forward and create the life they deserve.

I incorporate my love of meditation and visualisation and breathwork into my work, as this forms powerful practices to train the mind, focus the attention and shift our energy and emotional states, so that we are able to become an attraction point for all that we want.


How does it help?

  • It is a safe, confidential space for you to dream, share all of yourself, without the fear of judgement or someone telling you to be “realistic”.

  • Together is always stronger, easier and more effective.

  • Accountability. Knowing that we want something different is a wonderful first step, but without conscious and inspired action, our dreams stay just ideas and nothing changes.

  • Talking to someone who is trained supports you to identify and shift negative patterns and behaviors that are holding you back.

  • I will help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.


Who do I work with?

I work with people who are willing and ready to dive deep.

I’ve worked with countless clients who come to see me because they know something is missing in their life. I don’t mean missing a nice house, car or beautiful partner, they just come to a point where that loses its vibrancy and life feels flat.

This is where I come in.

I know that often the only thing you are missing is the tools to find the answers for yourself. You need someone to point you in the right direction. To see you fully as who you are and to point out the potential.