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Accessing your superpowers

I have meditating for many years now and have found it a powerful and grounding practice. Often we are so busy in our external worlds that our lives can feel like a series of to-do lists, leaving us feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.

When we aren’t rooted in ourselves we become disconnected from our internal guidance, pace and rhythms. This causes imbalance in our lives, body and minds. It’s at these times of imbalance that we compare ourselves to other people or start following other people’s goals, become overly critical of ourselves and start trying to force, control or manipulate our lives.

Meditation and developing a practice of centering ourselves, helps us ground, stay focused, build awareness, become less reactive, get into our flow, and create a connection between heart- mind- soul.

I’ve developed a practice intertwining, guided meditation, affirmations, sound and music and thought exercises to help you:

  • Feel stable even in times of stress

  • Learn to shift your mindset and emotions into a higher state

  • Connect and unleash your potential

  • Cultivate the power of visualisation to create a life that you desire.

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I run regular meditation and classes. For up to date classes click here

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Time for you

A luxurious 2.5 hour relaxation session where you will learn meditation techniques, breathing exercises and gentle movements to help you create your own personalised practice to use at home.

During this session will be talk about your routines, current stressors and how you can bring more calm and peace into your life.


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Meditation album

I have created these guided meditations as a self-help tool. My aim is to help you access your inner resources and create a successful mindset. I want to enable you to remove your limiting beliefs and design the life you want.

Download on spotify, itunes, amazon, napster, google play.



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