A 60 minute session to delve into something that is important to you. This session is to gain clarity, insight and establish how to move forward on a particular issue. You will come out feeling inspired, with a clearer idea of what is holding you back and happy actions to move forward.

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How it Works

Once we have booked your session, you will receive a self-discovery worksheet prior to your session.

Inspire sessions are 1 hour and are either in person or via Skype. We will focus on one particular issue that you will have identified that is important to you.

Your session will be followed up with an email highlighting all our key points and any soulful actions you’ve agreed to take.

Inspire sessions are designed for as a one-off or irregular session, when you are in need of inspiration or clarity on a particular issue.

It is also a great introduction to self-discovery and a chance to and decide if it's for you, prior to committing to a longer package.

If you want to work towards a bigger vision and deeper discovery, Bloom or Thrive, are for you.


How to Book

Inspire sessions can be coupled with the 2-week email connection with me and the half day relaxation session (in person only).


Bespoke your experience: