Answering your questions

How do I book?

Prior to committing to a experience I offer a FREE 30 min consultation either via phone/skype or in person.

This is a chance for us to:

  • Meet in person and find out if we are the right match

  • For me to understand what you would like to gain from coaching and how I can help you

  • A chance for you to ask any questions that you have

    After the consultation, you can then decide to book a package, think about it or decide that it’s not for you.

    Personal development is a investment in both time and money so I believe it’s important that you choose a practitioner that is right for you and will get the best out of you. I am committed to offering the best value to my clients, so I will always be honest; if I feel there would be a more suitable practitioner or approach for them I will share this information.

    To book a consultation, you can contact me via phone, email or my contact page.

Where will my sessions be?

I have had clients from all over the world so your sessions are available either in person or via skype, if you live further away. In person sessions are in my specially built she-den at the bottom of garden, giving you a relaxing and nourishing experience.

I’m based just outside of central Bristol, 12 mins drive from the airport, 7 min walk from the train station. Trains run to Bristol Temple Meads in 14 mins and there for direct trains to London Paddington. I am 15 min drive from Clifton. Mini retreats take place at a local manor house.

Full instructions will be sent you to you in your information pack, on booking.

How often are the sessions and what will we be covering in a session?

Sessions are either 1.5 hour and 2 hours, with the exception of the mini retreat which usually runs for most of the day and the half day beliefs session.

As a general rule sessions run every two weeks and as we go through the process we will plan a few sessions in advance so we have a schedule of seeing each other. Prior to your vision session I will ask you to fill in a comprehensive worksheet to help you gain clarity about what you want- from yourself, your goals, from me, and the process. We will then build on this in the first two sessions, gaining a very clear vision, so it becomes easy to know what to prioritise and work towards on our journey together. Each session we will be building on this vision, understanding and working through any blocks or difficulties that have come up, uncovering strengths and self-awareness by talking through any discoveries, learning or experiences that you’ve had, and learning tools and techniques to support and empower you.

I ask clients to fill in an update sheet prior to the session where I will ask you what you want to focus on in the session so I am able to bespoke it for you and we can stay focused on what is most valuable to you.

What are your expectations of me?

In order to let go of old ways of thinking and behavior that no longer serves us, limits us or gets in the way of us feeling and doing the things that make us feel great, we must re-condition and re-wire and re-focus. I’ve developed practices to help you do exactly this.

Whilst exploring ourselves through talking is extremely powerful, this coupled with creating goals, writing down our intentions, visualisation, connecting with ourselves through journalling, and developing new routines and practices, has the power to transform how you think and feel and tap into your unlimited nature.

Therefore alongside one-to-one sessions with me, I ask clients to commit to a monthly structure of setting intentions and goals, reviewing their progress and developing reflective practices. All of this is explained in the vision session. If you want to know more about this, you can book a free consultation with me

I will also invite you to do bespoke activities and exercises that will relate to where you are in your journey that you will do in-between sessions.


How can I make this a success?

Like anything, what you put in, you get out. We are our greatest investments and personal growth and transformation requires commitment and consistency.

I am committed to my clients and fully believing in what want they want to achieve and give 100%. I therefore ask my clients to be committed to their own progress. This means prioritising sessions, exercises, their monthly sheets and being willing to try out new ways of being, even if it’s uncomfortable initially.

I only work with clients who are both ready and willing to change.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay for your experience in one payment, via bank transfer, paypal, or debit or credit card.

Alternatively, for the 3 and 6 month packages, you are able to pay monthly to break down the cost.