“I was initially sceptical about what the sessions would do for me, but you instantly put me at ease and helped me to open up more and more in each session. I feel like this has been a real life changing period of time for me and although a rocky and difficult road, I have got through it so much stronger with a lot of lessons learned. The self-awareness and understanding you have provided me with has really guided me to know what I want, what I deserve and what I will not settle for. “



“Ismene came just at the right time. She helped me cope with the repercussions of a traumatic event, at the age of only 15, in a caring, safe and healing environment. She taught me valuable mental skills that I use to this day, years later. She encouraged me to view and understand life from a different perspective while teaching me how to appreciate new things. She helped me transition into a completely new country and lifestyle smoothly. For me, Ismene was like a guiding hand in a very dark time in my life. She helped my overcome my insecurity’s and self blame which allowed me to become a confident, successful and overall happier person. I will always thank her for her help and she will always be an important part in my life.”


“Having spent the first part of this year in a challenging place mentally, and physically, and being unable to sort out what or whom was important, I came to see you and gradually began to see what was right for me and my children. The most important thing! I have also found the strength to make decisions based on my gut instincts rather than trying to sort out other people issues, and that has made me happier and more in control of my own path forwards. In a way it all seems much simpler, and I couldn’t work that out before. I still have funny days, I’m not always happy, but I can concentrate on my own stuff, whether that is music, garden, the kids and find a way out of the tunnel which I couldn’t before. All much better, so thank you so much.”


“Ismene has the ability to provide a very tailored counselling experience. For me, a combination of engaging and thought provoking conversation in a safe environment proved very rewarding. Our relationship was consistently authentic and balanced, which I feel made the journey altogether smoother. Overall, time spent with Ismene has set me up well for the next chapter.”


“I spent a few months working with Ismene. She is an excellent counselor , I learnt a lot about myself and about the world I grew up in. The way Ismene works has  helped me understand where things have been difficult for me in the past. She uses excellent facilities to offer her counselling sessions, and she makes you feel welcome offering you a hot drink at the start of the session. I highly recommend Ismene as she is a valued member of her profession.”


“Therapy has been a total life changing experience. At times, it has been very difficult, but the rewards of inner peace and self awareness, enlightenment and understanding, are amazing and have given me the strength and confidence to face life again with hope and optimism. Ismene’s total dedication and support over the last 2 years has been outstanding and her genuine empathy, patience, kindness and concern for others is extremely nurturing and inspiring. A fantastic service and a wonderful person.”


“Ismene has been counselling me for around 3 years. It takes as long as it takes to unpick and resolve issues that are holding you back in moving forward with your life. Ismene is a beautiful person inside and out. I know I was a bit of a tough nut to crack after years of building a self-defence castle with a moat. Concreted by my life’s experiences, Ismene challenged, cajoled and enticed my negative beliefs and helped me nurture the positive ones. She has been the pivotal person in my life to assist me with my journey of recovery and healing. I will miss her immensely when I move on.”


“I’ve always been sceptical about therapy, the kind of person who always just gets on with it, happier helping others than being helped! It was therefore important for me to find a therapist who was ‘real’, who had life experience and was down to earth. Ismene was patient, easy to talk to and gave me with the opportunity to tell my story without judgement in a positive environment. Although Ismene could not change the situation I was in she taught me to look at myself with compassion, to set boundaries with my time and to face my true emotions. Ismene challenged my view of myself, which was not always easy, but as a result I found the confidence to be me again. For this I thank her and have no hesitation in recommending her.”


“Ismene is kind and compassionate. She listened to my issues in a non judgmental way. I would strongly reccomend Ismene as a counselor, however difficult your issues are to talk about.”


“When I first came to you, I felt like I was at rock bottom. I didn’t know where to turn, what to do, or who to talk to. You have made me feel a lot better about myself Ismene.”


“Ismene has been a wonderful influence on my life. With her help I have been able to find the source of issues that have held me back for many years and I now see challenges and opportunities in place of obstacles that had always seemed impossible to overcome. I have always felt as though Ismene has a genuine desire to ensure that I am the best I can possibly be and I am very grateful to her for her dedication.”


“Deciding to contact Ismene has been one of the most pivotal decisions that I have made in the last few years, and one that I am extremely grateful for. She has provided me with a psychological tool kit, not only for self healing and developing healthy relationships, but also for reversing detrimental core beliefs that I had ingrained from early childhood. All of this combined with a warm, caring and empathetic approach is helping me excel and push myself further than I ever have before.”


“I can openly talk to Ismene about anything. She listens, understands, empathises and supports you. She is hugely intuitive and actually ‘gets’ you. I have learnt about emotions, how to ‘feel’ things and understand what I need to do to get on in the future. I now feel confident, strong and I believe in myself. After opening up to my past and understanding it, I’m in a much better place and I truly feel happy inside. Ismene is superb at what she does. She is passionate about her work and commits to helping you if you are willing to commit to being helped – it’s worth the effort, it can do wonders for you.”