Meditations for Health and Well-Being

 “I have fibromyalgia and experience chronic pain, sleep disturbance and anxiety. I often use Ismene’s meditations as they help me relax, remind me of my worth and help me manage my over active mind. I love the simplicity of the meditations and how they blend the positive phrases with the beautiful music.”

Track playlist

Morning Grounding Meditation (4:12) – Prepare yourself for a new day

Protection (6:12) – Access your inner strength and shield yourself from negativit

Letting Go (10:58) – Release the feelings that hold you back and make room for change

Success and Abundance (6:12) – Dream big and start creating the life that you want

Self Esteem (7:02) – Create positive beliefs about yourself  

Being (10:02) – Learn to embrace your experience in the present moment

Sleep Well (8:00) – Relax, rest and rejuvenate

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