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I hope you’ve had a great month.  Autumn is always transformational time- what is it inviting you to let go of?

It’s always the time I go through my biggest transitions and this year has been no different- I’ve had to make some really big decisions recently; more on that and what I’ve learnt next month…

Autumn is a great time to personal development work and is why I run my retreats; it’s naturally a time when we start looking inward after the activity of summer and questioning- what isn’t working- what needs to change? The things that we’ve been able to bury, suddenly seem more obvious. I am just always so humbled by the experience and this year was another mind- blowing experience. I love being able to see the transformation from when people arrive on the Friday, to when they leave on the Monday.

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This year was on self-esteem and self-confidence and is one of my all-time favorite subjects, because it changes everything in a way we can’t even imagine. When we have internal worth, everything else is easier and if there is nothing else I ever do in the world in my lifetime other than help people like themselves, I will be very happy.

I was lucky to be joined on retreat by some amazing women who shared their wisdom and knowledge on building their confidence, which we could all do with a bit more of. So here is some of their wisdom and your reminder to love yourself just a little bit more this month…

Louise McClintock

How did you get into Coaching?

After so much tragedy in the family, I found myself helping others. I have always had a drive to inspire people and help others since my life took such a positive turn after being glassed and loosing my eye in a nightclub 11 years ago. Since then, life has been too busy with a sales job that held me in the rat-race. I didn’t have time to follow my true passion or the know-how. The need to earn money to keep a lifestyle which I thought satisfied me had taken over for years.

I have set up businesses before and been apart of that corporate world for over 15 years so knowing how to release myself from that was difficult.

After the family tragedy, I decided life was too short and set up my dream business. I started training and studying in every spare hour until qualified to follow my dreams. The rest is history and here I am helping others while I have helped myself and channelled my energies.

What 3 things make you feel more confident?

-The information I have taken in around me – Friends and family who believe in me and have voiced it.

– My passion for wanting and loving what I do keeps me jumping over any hurdles. The more hurdles you jump, the more confidence you have in yourself.

– The way I talk to myself. I have a reality check and re-evaluate whenever I feel like I may not be good enough at something.

Have you ever struggled with self-esteem and how did you overcome this?

I cannot pin-point a time in my life where I have had particular low self-esteem but there are often moments when I think I may not be good enough at something. I don’t let this hold me back though if it’s something I truly want. I wrote a book which is in the process of being published and this was something I initially struggled with. I wondered whether I would be a good enough writer, whether anyone would read it, whether it would be harshly critiqued and whether I had the ability.

I overcame this by breaking down each issue and finding out where the fear was. Fear of rejection, lack of confidence in my ability and self-doubt along with worry about what other people would think. Once I had established this, I was set to go on making sure I overcame each issue. Knowing that rejection won’t harm me if I focus on the positives and it’s only an opinion (Could I cope with harsh comments or feedback and how? – yes by not responding and realising that there are people who will be negative).

To boost my confidence, I let a few videos out on-line and opened the public to comment (testing the water perhaps subconsciously); this paid off as the comments were wonderful – it spurred me on.

I gave the manuscript to a few friends I knew to also see what they thought – positivity came back. I was then ready to send it to the critiques.Persistence in following what I truly desired paid off. Not being held back by the initial fear and thoughts and answering the questions I had.

What tip can you share on how to feel good about yourself?

Understand yourself and accept that no-one is perfect. Wipe clean any negativity you have heard about yourself in the past and know that you can become a better person for you as you keep growing and that no-one else has any right to question you as a person. When you don’t worry about how you are viewed and focus more on your own being, you naturally start to feel more at ease with yourself and comfortable in your own skin. Knowing that we can alter anything that we don’t really like about ourselves at any time we chose is the biggest tip I ever gave myself.

Louise is a NLP Therapist, Life Coach, Trainer and director/founder of Team6 Motivation with a passion for motivating others. She uses her life experiences and overcoming adversity to help others change their perspectives and believe in themselves.

You can find her here:

Facebook coaching page: https://www.facebook.com/team6motivation/

Facebook motivatinal group with LM: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1549960931917779/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LouMcclintock

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/louise-mcclintock-1a9276113/

Pippa Day

How did you get into music and how it help us feel more confident?

Listening to and playing music has always been an important part of my life; it provides a pure, expressive space in which to heal and grow. Whenever I need time to myself, I sit and write everything I feel, whittle it down and more often than not, it turns into a song.

What 3 things make you feel more confident?

Learning to express myself carefully, and be authentic. Teaching and helping children through my work as a teacher. My amazing support of family and friends.

Have you ever struggled with self-esteem and how did you overcome this?

I have struggled with self-esteem and confidence, and the one thing I find the most helpful is meditation: focusing on what really matters to me and who I am. This gives me confidence to go back into the world and be authentically myself.

What tip can you share on how to feel good about yourself?

Celebrate the things which make you unique! Be fearless whenever you can; you never know what is around the corner.

Pippa is a folk singer-songwriter from Dartmoor, Devon. Her clear, emotive voice and beautifully crafted lyrics have won her fans both across the UK. Pippa does gigs and festivals and recently has joined forces with me to offer a monthly Sunday Class of meditation, through words and live music.

You can find her here:




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