Ongoing regular counselling, weekly or fortnightly slot. Face-to-face UK clients, Bristol.

£70 or £65 if paid in blocks of 6. 50 min session

ONLINE via RingMD: available internationally

Individual Session

£70 50min session. One-off or ad-hoc sessions.

Block of 6 sessions

£65 50min session x 6

Breakthrough session

The Breakthrough Session is a one-off session to gain clarity and a list of actions.
What it includes:
– Pre- session questions
– Pre-session 20 min chat
-75 Min session
– Summary of session
– Aftercare progress chat and email support for 2 weeks.


Self- Belief program

This program is a blend of sessions with me and home exercises, particularly focused on cultivating self-belief and a confident mind-set.

6 x 50 mins sessions, free 45 consultation, personal development home exercises.



I am a registered practitioner with Vitality Insurance and accept members for counselling.
The insurance company´s general requirement prior to counselling is that an assessment needs to be made by a psychologist or psychiatrist. I have a colleague who is able to complete this assessment, should it be needed. For further info and to see if you are covered, contact Vitality directly.

Payment is by cash, bank transfer or card.
If paying by bank transfer, individual payments require payment within 48 hours, block payments are due at the beginning of the month.

Payment is required prior to the sessions via paypal or bank transfer.
Block payments are by bank transfer, payable at the beginning of the month.

Counselling is weekly or fortnightly at the same time on a particular day. The length of each session is 50mins unless arranged otherwise. You can choose from having a set amount of sessions, or ongoing sessions which we will review regularly. How long you will be in therapy will be determined by you and will depend on what you want out of therapy and the issues you are bringing.

I run a boutique service and in order to keep it a highly personalised service, limit the clients I work with. In order to make this financially viability I operate a cancellation and absence policy. Once a client decides they want to work with me, I offer them a weekly slot, that I keep just for them. This slot is payable every week, unless I am unavailable. If you aren’t able to make an appointment, you will have the option to rearrange within that month. If this isn’t possible that session is still payable even if you haven’t attended that session.

This is negotiated between client and therapist but usually 2-4 weeks.