Being human, it’s inevitable that, at times, life will feel difficult, we will feel overwhelmed, we will struggle to cope with unmanageable feelings or feel lost.  At these times, it is totally normal to want to seek out support and a new direction.

We all internalise beliefs and behaviours through our life experiences with from parents, peers, caregivers and society (our conditioning). These messages make up  unconscious patterns that inform the decisions and choices that we make.

 As children, it is sensible to believe what others are telling us because we all need to belong, feel safe and learn how to be in relationship in the world. However if we’ve had negative conditioning, or not be given enough love, encouragement and support that we all need, this can impact negatively on how fulfilling our lives are as adults because we really believe the “truth”; that we are not good enough, intelligent enough, able to have good relationships etc… These limiting beliefs means it’s difficult to create a life based on our deepest dreams, hopes and wishes. 

Therefore, counselling is available for anyone who wants to understand themselves, their beliefs and their life situation in more depth. There are no right or wrong things to bring to counselling. The important thing is that it matters to you and you are prepared to work on it.


Counselling can be a space to explore a specific issue or life event or it can just be a space for you to work on non-specific goals, like building self esteem, gaining self-awareness, or for personal development.


  • Counselling provides a safe, empathetic, confidential space with someone who is professionally trained, unbiased and there just for you.
  • To gain insight into unhelpful behaviours or patterns that are holding you back.
  • A better understanding who you are, what drives you, and what you are creating.
  • Time and space for yourself and opening up new choices.
  • Developing a mindset that supports you in all that you do.
  • Learn ways to maximise your self-esteem, confidence and potential.