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This is a place to both inspire and be inspired. A place to share your dreams and achievements with the world, and help others #begreat.

  • Do you have an inspiring story?
  • Have you followed your dreams and live passionately?
  • Have you achieved something you thought to be impossible?
  • Have you overcome any big challenges?

If this is you and you want to share your story, email me on ismenecole@gmail.com to be included.

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Michelle ‘Sharing her Story’

After spending 23 years following front line tours in the RAF Michele now uses writing to share her story.

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Samuel ‘Inspired to Speak up’

My project presently is reaching out to people and motivate them with my story and other stories , actions words, getting them  infromations that will liberate them and set the foundation for a new live and road to greatness and happiness.

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Brit ‘I Want to inspire’

Read how after 8 years of climbing the ladder in the hair industry, she felt something else calling her, which meant leaving behind something that she can worked hard to create and step into the unknown. Her mission is to inspire women to be their most beautiful + authentic self and remind them that confidence is a choice.

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Edward ‘Be a Renegade’

Read how Ed left the security of his well-paid IT job  to pursue his dream of being a full time investor who mainly focuses on ‘Bitcoin’ a revolutionary new technology and currency, that he hopes will create a new freer and more equal financial system

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Aimara: Ways of Style

When you follow your heart and intuition things will find their own way to happen.

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Kevin: Planning for the best

Just do it, what have you got to lose? What’s the worst that can happen. Plan for the best, expect the worst, but enjoy the journey.

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Heiddi: Follow Your Dreams

Keep doing what you’re doing now, reflect on your goals everyday and the answers will come to you.

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Jordan: The Natural Way

My dream is to change the lives of acne sufferers. My mission is to clear skin and I plan to do this through the launch of my business, Natural Dermatology.

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Victoria: Live the Life you Love

I have a poster in my bedroom that reads “Live the Life you Love” and I feel really lucky that most mornings I know that I am. I am a practitioner with and the founder of Bristol Massage Therapy, a centre of excellence for massage therapy.

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Georgie: #Fitmummy

‘Every cloud has a silver lining, sometimes you’ve just got to step back and look at the bigger picture’

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Kirsty: A Dream of Nursing

‘The end – can sometimes be a beginning…. people say it’s destiny… I say it’s a choice’

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Stewart: Project Me

My dream is to wake up every morning and feel great about the day ahead. So I have recently started a new project. That project is me.

It’s never too late to do all the things that you have always wanted to do. If I can do it, anyone can. Talking to someone can make a massive improvement to your life.

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Mandy ProfileMandy: A Dream House in the South of France

I have always wanted to live abroad and decided that, if I didn’t do it at the age of 47, I was never going to do it. I had dreams of a peaceful existence and a need to get off the treadmill.

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BeckyBecky Walsh: Consultant, author, radio and TV presenter, speaker, teacher and fearlessly funny comedian

Being dyslexic, I didn’t think I’d be able to take the leap into being an author. But the desire overcame the fear. I think when you want something badly enough, you do whatever it takes to get there.

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Photo 10-08-2015 12 29 53Lalita: A Journey of Personal Growth & Spirituality

We lived in Walthamstow—a district of North-East London—and life was good. I had a job, a good fitness routine and a partner with whom I shared a nine year relationship. Little did I know that my life was about to change.

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Tom2Tom: An Innovative Service to Support People

I had a late night epiphany—if I can call it that—and swiftly wrote down a basic format of my idea. I recognised that whilst there is considerable value in one-to-one counselling face to face, there are many who want and need support, but cannot (or are not ready or able to) meet someone face to face.

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  1. i just read through your book. motivation in a moment. it is highly inspiring and encompass various issues and realistic way forward. the pictures, designs and photo editing are captivating. even some prints were made in the ancient way. this is a full dose for anyone who is down psycologically discouraged disssapointed or lost hope dues to challenging experiences. more grace dearie. would love to partner with you.

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